There are many possibilities for activities in León and surroundings, and we will be happy to help you. We don't have our own tour service any more, but we can help you with contacts to tour operatos which can offer you sightseeing, visits to the beaches and activity tourism, as volcano trekking with levels from easy to the most requiring. Some ideas for activities in Leon:

  • Sight seeing in the centre of León with its many churches, beautiful colonial buildings and museums, of which particularly the art museum is very good
  • Visit to the indigenous part of the City, Sutiaba. There is a small, but interesting museum in Casa Adiact, close to the Sutiaba Church
  • Volcano trekking, from a half-day visit to the small but extremely active Cerro Negro volcano, but you can also go for whole day tours to the bigger volcanoes as San Cristobal and Momotombo. The latter are only for people in good physical conditions, as the last 100-200 km. to the top are reguiring.
  • Visit to the León Viejo ruins, around half an hour in car from León.
  • Visit to the beaches, Poneloya and Peñitas, 18 km from León by an excellent road
  • From Peñitas you can go by boat to the mangrove swamps in the National Park Isla del Venado

 To see some of the landscapes, click the icons:Asosoca 800x500Cerro Negro. 800x500San Cristobal visto desde Telica 800x500Motombo Salida del Sol 800x500