Nicaragua – and particularly Leon – is open for visitors and you can safely visit us. There are still political conflicts, but they are generally not violent any more. So we would like to invite you to come and visit us – you don’t have to worry about your safety. Of course, whenever you travel it is obviously at your own risk, just as if you decide to visit any other country in the world. However,  we consider that despite all, Nicaragua continues to be among the safest countries in Latin America for foreign visitors.

As you have probably noted from the news, there has been civil unrest in the country for a couple of months leading to much violence and many tragic casualties. There was a moment when protesters had set up roadblocks on the road to Managua making it difficult to reach Leon, but that  was only for a couple of weeks. There are no roadblocks any more and you can travel around freely in the country – from Honduras in the North to Costa Rica in the South and to the Atlantic Coast in the East. As the political conflict has not been settled yet, you may encounter anti- or pro-government demonstrations here and there, but they are luckily largely non-violent now. Even so, our advice is that you for security reasons simply stay away from demonstrations.