Tours and trekking in León

León and surroundings have a lot to offer for the visitors. The City of León is an old city, with many beautiful colonial buildings and churches. There are some very interesting museums, and a vibrant life, dominated by the many students attending particularly the National University. The beach is less than 20 km. away, where you can swim, surf, take affordable surfing lessons, or go by boat to see the mangrove swamp with its wildlife of birds and reptiles. The volcano chain, Los Maribios, has a lot of active and extint volcanos that offer you an exiting trekking experience and beautiful views at the top.  You can go by day, or you can sleep at the top and see the sunrise in the early morning. You can finish the trip with a visist to the pristine Asososca Crater Lake and take a refreshing swim.

We don't have a Tour Service any more, but there are many local tour operators here in León that can organize the trip for you. Just contact us and we shall advise you on the options.